At-home Self Care: Nourishing Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

At-home Self Care: Nourishing Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Today’s times are unprecedented… How are you holding up? Usually, in moments of crisis, we rally and gather in support of each other, but this moment uniquely requires us to stay apart. We hope you’re finding ways to relax and stay present amidst the uncertainty. In the spirit of solitary self-care, we’ve compiled a varied list of meaningful ways to take care of yourself at home.

  • Get creative in the kitchen and try out a new recipe. This week, try The Minimalist Baker’s Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas – hearty, healthy, and super easy to make.
  • Treat yourself with a pedicure. Start by heating up a footbath with one of your favorite soaks. Read a good book while you let your feet relax, and don’t forget to lotion afterward! Go natural and make your own lotion at home with our DIY lotion recipe
  • Go back to school! Ok, not really, but check out one of these 400+ Ivy League classes, free online. Take a class to help further your career, or just learn something fun. From poetry to history to coding, there’s something for everyone.  
  • Need an activity for the kids? Make your own bath soak! Combine our Unscented Magnesium Flakes with dried herbs, flower petals, or essential oils to customize your bath (although always make sure to dilute essential oils with carrier oils to protect your skin before you hop in the tub).

Lastly, stay connected. Call a friend, write a letter, and get the family together for a good ol’ Zoom. Remember, we’re all (separately) in this together.

Team Laki

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