At-Home Spa Day Checklist

At-Home Spa Day Checklist

There might be no better ritual for self-care than having a full pampering spa day. An entire day of rest and relaxation. Pampering your body can even lead to a more clear and focused mind! Fortunately, it is not necessary to leave your house to enjoy your favorite spa services. Dim the lights, slide into your favorite robe and slippers and check off the boxes on our Laki Naturals at-home spa day checklist!

The Benefits Of Trying A Spa Day At Home

  • Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • Better Sleep
  • Alleviate Depression
  • Saves Money
  • Address beauty concerns   
Foot Soak and Massage

    To begin, fill any basin with warm water. Foot soaks loosen the skin and help with exfoliation. Place one cup of your favorite foot soak in the water, and mix until the salt dissolves. Sit back and relax as you soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes, then towel dry. Try one of our Laki Naturals foot soaks. The Mint & Eucalyptus Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak is great for an apple cider vinegar detox as well as the Lavender Fields Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak


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    Face Mask Meditation

      "Meditation enhances our capacity for deep sleep and boosts our immune system, which both benefit beauty," explains Jackie Stewart, a meditation teacher at MNDFL in New York City. To practice a face mask meditation, apply your favorite face mask and sit with your eyes open or closed, scan your body, becoming aware of your feet, your neck lengthening, the softness of your belly, and your shoulders broadening. If you sense your mind wandering, bring it back to your breath, which directs you to the present. Continue this for five minutes, then rinse the mask off.

      Dry Brushing or Body Scrub

        The most natural way to get rid of dead skin cells and improve blood circulation is by using a dry brush or body scrub. Body scrubs allow your skin to absorb moisturizers better. By cleansing dead skin cell buildup, any moisturizer applied afterwards will soak into the skin more thoroughly. It can also unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs! Laki Naturals has both sea salt scrubs and sugar scrubs.

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        Laki Naturals Body Scrubs:

        Supplies to Set The Mood

          Setting the mood can make or break your spa experience. Use candles and calm music as you wash your stresses away. Getting rid of any distractions such as your phone will also help put your mind at ease.

          Stay Hydrated

            Prepare your favorite drink for the evening and make sure you have 2-3 glasses because sitting in hot water can be dehydrating. If you’re having a cocktail, be sure to have water as well. If you’re interested in a little cocktail theme, try the Laki Naturals Cocktail Bath Soaks!

            End The Night On A High Note

              After your relaxing spa day, you can still ease yourself into relaxation in the bedroom. Use a Lavender Sleep Mist on your pillow for a night of comfort. Studies show turning off your phone an hour before bed can aid the brain in releasing melatonin, which will help you fall asleep easier.

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