DIY Spa Day Themes For You And Your Friends

DIY Spa Day Themes For You And Your Friends

If the weekend is meant to be an escape from everyday stresses then it’s time to truly treat yourself, and your friends to a spa day! And really, there’s no need to pay big bucks at a fancy spa when you can create a little tranquility right at home with any theme you desire. From how to decorate, to the treatments you’ll indulge in, Laki Naturals has your step-by-step guide to hosting the most relaxing spa day for you and your friends. 

Cocktail Hour In The City

During Covid, it’s been more difficult to go bar hopping than usual, and on top of that everything is closing early! Bring the city nightlife home with Laki Naturals Cocktail bath soaks. Choose from a variety of cocktail scents to spice up your spa day with the gals.

Laki Naturals Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Soak Variety:

  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Pina Colada
  • Mojito
  • Lychee Martini
  • Sparkling Sangria
  • Sex on the Beach 

All you need is a few ingredients and you could be having a cocktail during your cocktail soak! If you're really feeling the cocktail hour, try the Pina Colada Bath Fizzies as well!

Romance Is In The Air

Nothing is more Zen than candles, roses, and bath salts. Candles and soaks smell good, give a calm vibe, and are extremely romantic. Invite your special friend over for a romantic evening indoors. Opt for something more creative (and definitely more eye-catching), like floating candle centerpieces. As far as bath soaks go, Laki Naturals has you covered with a variety of rose-related products.

laki Naturals Rose

Dreamy Nights

It’s time to escape into a dream wonderland. There are only a few items you need in order to make this possible. 

Chill music - Pick music that’s ambient or something groovy without words. Nothing too upbeat, just slow and melodic so it’s just enough to add some mood but not enough to distract. 

Low lights- This is where candles come in if you’ve got them. Otherwise turn on lights from an adjacent room and let the light shine in. 

Nice smells - Scented candles and oils will do the trick, here. Pick something that you both would enjoy or go with the classics like vanilla, lavender, or ocean breeze. 

For your bath, anything Lavender will be perfect. Try any one of Laki Naturals Lavender products.

A Night in Paradise

When I think about paradise there are a few images that come straight to my mind. Trees, lush forests, running rainwater, and that’s only the beginning. A paradise theme can be green, relaxing, candles, and live plants. Try the Laki Naturals White Tea Bath Fizzies for a calming and refreshing paradise scent. Hang a few Eucalyptus leaves on your shower head to give you that refreshing smell along with your bath steam. Laki Naturals offers Eucalyptus Bath Salts made with Magnesium flakes and peppermint, as well as a variety of Gardenia products such as- 


Laki Naturals Spa Day

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