Don’t Let Flu Season Stop You From Flourishing!

Don’t Let Flu Season Stop You From Flourishing!

Staying well through winter and spring can be a bit challenging. Chances are you’ll get the “thing that’s going around” at least once. With that in mind, it’s important to be proactive with your health and prepare for the symptoms that tag along with colds and flu. 

In addition to the tried and true advice: wash your hands, drink plenty of fluids and prioritize rest, we’ve got some tips to help you ride out the rest of cold and flu season feeling your best (even if you do get sick!). 

Get Salty

When it comes to the power of salt, we certainly don’t need any convincing - but we all enjoyed reading this recent article in the Washington Post. It outlines the results of a study by The University of Texas Health Science Center, strongly suggesting that gargling with salt water reduces symptoms and hospitalization from Covid. 

Rich in trace minerals and naturally anti-bacterial, Hawaiian Sea salt has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy. Now we’ve boosted it with Zinc as well as the powerful botanicals Chamomile, Echinacea and Peppermint to create our beneficial Throat Soak. Frequent gargling with Throat Soak supports overall oral health and helps to soothe and calm sore, dry or scratchy throats. 

Suck It

Gargling not for you? No problem…we’ve got sugar-free Throat Soak Lozenges packed with the same powerful botanicals, herbs and minerals that make our Throat Soak so soothing. These luscious herbal lozenges feel like a treat any time of day. The simple task of sucking on one can have the bonus effect of calming your mood. 

Give Your Hardworking Cells A Helping Hand

Research suggests that consuming antioxidants (via diet, supplements or topically) may play a role in easing common cold or flu symptoms. They work at cellular level - preventing damage by neutralizing “free radicals” – environmental agents that damage your cells and reduce your immunity. By taking away the destructive power of free radicals, antioxidants could help you stay healthy or bounce back faster if you do get sick. 

Good news…we’ve got a patch for that! 

Infused with a powerful combination of the antioxidant Glutathione and antioxidant boosting NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), our Renew Patch assists your body in replenishing essential nutrients and protecting your cells against oxidative stress. With time-released ingredients, these discrete, hassle-free patches are a great way to support your wellness during flu season and beyond. 

And For The Kids… 

Nobody likes a stuffy nose, but for a little one, blocked sinuses can spoil the whole day. When you need gentle, natural relief from congestion that’s specially formulated for toddlers and young children, check out our Poppymint Pals Stuffy Nose Bath Fizzies. Added to a comforting, warm bath, these fizzing balls will help open stuffy noses, clearing passages and making it easier to breathe. Made with vegan ingredients and containing no parabens, preservatives, or sulfates, our Bath Fizzies are cruelty free and made in California!

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