Dry Skin? Learn to Make Your Own All-Natural Lotion at Home!

Dry Skin? Learn to Make Your Own All-Natural Lotion at Home!

Perhaps the most common message circulating the internet these days, from email sign-offs to Instagram captions, is to wash your hands – and with good reason! According to the CDC, 80% of germs are spread by our hands, but washing ours over and over again and constantly using sanitizer has left them dry and cracked. 

In addition, now that we’ve found ourselves with more time on our (very clean) hands, we’ve been taking more baths with our anxiety-relieving magnesium bath soaks. After any bath or shower, it’s important to always lock-in the moisture with lotion. Go natural, and learn to make your very own lotion at home!

Step 1: Start with a base. We like this recipe from DIYNaturals. It’s simple (the base requires four household ingredients) and offers helpful suggestions on substitutions, proportions, etc. 

Now make it yours! Add butter and/or essential oils to your liking:

  • Use peppermint or lavender essential oil for stress relief, and rub it on your temples to soothe headaches.
  • Tea tree oil, with its pure and spicy scent, is a natural disinfectant. Add this to your lotion for a protective boost!
  • Vanilla extract offers a warm and cozy aroma, perfect for snuggling up at home.
  • Butter, like shea or cocoa, will give your lotion a thicker and creamier texture. 

When this is over, mix in some aloe to cure that inevitable sunburn you’ll get from celebrating our return to the outdoors! But for now, stay home, stay safe, and take care of yourself.

Team Laki

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