How to Turn Your Bathtub into a Sanctuary

How to Turn Your Bathtub into a Sanctuary

Hi All –

Hope everyone remains healthy and safe! We at Laki are doing our best to stay grateful, positive, and present. However, we can’t deny that this situation is taking a toll, and we can imagine some of y’all feel similarly. Whether you’re riding this out with the family and find yourself needing a private place, or you’re flying solo and have been anxious about work, bills, and so forth – you, like us, might be struggling to find a mental and spiritual sanctuary in the midst of a pandemic. That is, we were struggling…. Enter: the bath!

It’s no coincidence that since the beginning of civilization, people have incorporated bathing customs into their cultural practices. From the Greek and Roman baths to Japanese springs, we humans are drawn to water for physical, mental, and spiritual cleansing. So, why not bring some ancient bathing magic into your 21st-century quarantine-pad?

  • Set the Space: Whether that’s giving the tub a deep-cleaning, lighting candles, or clipping fresh flowers to display in the bathroom, give yourself a calming and comforting atmosphere.

  • Make it a Sound Bath: Play your favorite tunes, dive into a podcast or an audiobook, try out a meditation app, or play soothing rain sounds on Spotify.

  • Do Some Light Reading: Crack open that new book everyone’s been talking about or revisit a classic and familiar favorite. Or, flip through a guilty-pleasure magazine or poetry collection – the list goes on.

  • Watch TV:  Sure, it might not sound ~*spiritual*~, but if the Romans had Netflix, you know the Great British Bake Off would be all up in those bathhouses!

Give your mind and your body some love by doing these activities while taking a relaxing bath with Laki Bath Soaks. We hope these suggestions help soothe your anxiety and stress.   

As always, stay safe and be well, 
Team Laki

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