The Essence of Hawaiian Healing and "Laki"

The Essence of Hawaiian Healing and "Laki"

Since the beginning of ancient times the people of Hawaii have followed a healthy lifestyle. The first Westerners to visit the Islands remarked on the Hawaiians grace and strength, bright teeth and general cleanliness. The Hawaiian people had a practice towards personal hygiene that had not yet been discovered in the western culture. Health was understood to be the result of living right. They believed being sick, stressed, or unwell comes from an imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. To be healthy one must be balanced spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is said to be the essence of the islands.

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The ancient Hawaiian Health System was well developed. They had a medical profession, medicines, treatments, a lengthy apprenticeship program for medical specialists and training facilities located in special healing temples. They also had designated places of healing such as Coconut Island (Mokuola) at Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, famous for its curative spring waters. The springs of Hawaii are full of healing minerals and salts of which the population used to their advantage.


Laki (lah-kee) means Lucky in Hawaiian. Laki Naturals chose this name because, “At Laki Naturals we feel "lucky" to be able to capture the essence of the islands in our natural and pure bath and body care products,” quoted by Laki's founder, Tiffany Lerman. The people of Hawaii have used the land around them to heal and create a balance within themselves. To harness the essence of the Hawaiian islands, Laki Naturals only uses premium minerals, natural fragrances, essential oils and sea salt harvested on the island of Molokai.

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Laki Naturals has created a standard that is written in harmony with their views on natural wellness. They are vegan, cruelty free, and free from chemicals, such as:

No parabens

No artificial additives

No microbeads

No sodium lauryl sulfate

No phthalates

No synthetic dyes


No petrochemicals 

“It is our mission to turn your daily beauty and wellness regimen into a detoxifying and restorative ritual,” says Tiffany. Hawaiian culture is known for its rituals, healing practices and ceremonies. There is a ceremonial sprinkling of sea salt, symbolizing spiritual cleansing to help the spirits keep their place in the cosmos in a healthy and productive balance. Laki Naturals wants to carry this very same feeling of cleansing into their products, like their bath salts made with Hawaiian sea salt. It is their intention that their bath salts will help bring balance and clarity within each spa routine or even just a quick morning shower with one of their shower fizzies. 

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