Laki's Holiday Gift Guide

Laki's Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season of giving!! This year feels extra special. We can go out and shop again, we can gather with family and friends, and we can make new memories together after the shared experience of Covid worldwide. 

In the spirit of giving, we created a gift guide to cover the best gift-giving this season along with a special discount code HOLIDAY2021 for 20% off any order on the Laki Naturals website!

For The Lavender Lover 

Enjoy a relaxing bath with a Lavender Body Scrub and Bath Soak. Lavender can help to calm the mind and also help to improve sleep. Combined with Magnesium, this is the ultimate healing and relaxing soak. This is the perfect gift for those who get a little stressed over the holidays! 

For The Vacation Lover 

Coconut Mango Body Scrub and Coconut Milk Bath Soak. The winter season can bring on some serious seasonal depression, especially if you live in an area that snows regularly or rains all winter. Whisk yourself or a loved one away to a tropical vacation right at home with this beautifully scented scrub and soak!


For The Savvy Shower-Taker

For the loved one who loves a good aroma but also prefers a shower over a bath soak! Enjoy an array of Shower Fizzies… 

  • Rainbow Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint Falls
  • Orange Hibiscus
  • Lemongrass Luau
  • Sea Breeze Grapefruit

Shower Fizzies can be placed in an area of the shower where water sprinkles onto it, but doesn't soak the Fizzy completely. In just a few short seconds it will begin to release an aroma into the steam of your shower.  A Fizzy can be used for several showers so you can get more for your dollar! 

For The Bubbly Bathing Beauty 

Coming home after a long day, especially if you’re out in the cold, nothing can be more relaxing than soaking in a hot bath with bubbles and a candle. Send your loved one the gift of relaxation with a variety of Bath Bubble Soaks. Just pour in the Epsom soak and watch it turn into lovely scented bubbles! 

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Coconut
  • Gardenia 

For The Wellness Warrior

Eucalyptus has a variety of benefits including soothing stuffy noses and clearing the sinuses. If you’re fighting a cold or know someone who is all about healing and wellness, this is the perfect package. Enjoy the Eucalyptus Peppermint Shower Fizzy and Magnesium Bath Soak. A Shower Fizzy with Eucalyptus and Peppermint will open the sinuses and reenergize, perfect for the start of your day.

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