What Are The Benefits Of Bath And Body Oils?

What Are The Benefits Of Bath And Body Oils?

There's nothing more relaxing than a long soak in a warm bath, no matter what time of year. Whether your muscles are aching post-workout or you simply need to soothe away some tension after a day spent working o looking after kids, nothing will take your bath time experience up a notch more than adding a luxurious bath oil into the mix. Perfect for recreating that spa-like feel at home, a few drops of bath oil will instantly upgrade your soak while offering a boost to your skin as well as your mood. But, do bath oils just feel good, or do they have a purpose for your skin health? 


The Benefits of Bath Oils

We are all so used to applying just soap or shower gel to our bodies while bathing, that we are reluctant to change this regimen at all. But once you use fragrant bath oils, then it's hard to go back to just soap and water!  Bath oils help to moisturize and hydrate the skin and create calming and soothing aromas. Some other benefits of bath oils are: 

 -When is the oil is mixed with water, it penetrates deeper into the skin and provides rejuvenation.

 -The warmth of the oil can help to aid in improved blood circulation, and hence a reduction in fatigue, stiff joints, and improved motion in joints.

 -Bathing in oil results in soft and supple skin. This leads to a more radiant skin that retains its brightness for a longer period of time.


Choosing The Right Bath & Body Oils For You

As for choosing the right bath oil for you, it's all down to how you're feeling. If you're on the hunt for a bath oil to help you relax, then it's worth looking out for particular ingredients. 



While Lavender is commonly known for its ability to help you unwind because of its sedating properties.  A combination of lavender and oil in your bath and on your body helps to calm the nerves and soothe the senses. Try our Laki Naturals Lavender Bath oil and our Lavender Body oil. Both are made with seven different kinds of oil and premium botanical extracts. If you like a little extra treatment in dry winters, you may enjoy our Lavender and Rosemary Hand Treatment Oil. Apply a few drops onto hands and cuticles and gently massage in. Use as often as needed.



Our Laki Naturals Rose Bath Oil and  Rose Body Oil are made with pure and clean ingredients. This aromatic oil may reduce stress by simply breathing in the scent of rose oil. It has long been held to have anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) and aphrodisiac benefits. When applied to the skin, rose oil softens and soothes the skin and makes it smell amazing



Gardenia is known for improving moods with its uplifting floral scent. It can also evoke memories of delightful vacations and put you in a state of deep relaxation and palmful bliss. Laki's Gardenia Bath Soak will disperse evenly into the bathtub creating a milky-like soak that will hydrate and indulge the skin.



Our Coconut Bath Oil will leave you feeling like you have just taken a trip to Hawaii. Relax and unwind in a delightful mixture of our hydrating oils and natural coconut fragrance and feel the vacation mode slowly take over your mood.

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