Why Use A Body Scrub And Which Scrub Is For You?

Why Use A Body Scrub And Which Scrub Is For You?

Just like your face, your body needs exfoliation to stay soft, smooth, and healthy. If your current body care is limited to a loofah and a bar of soap, it’s time to level up. Here’s everything you need to know about adding an exfoliating body scrub to your skincare routine!


What Is A Body Scrub?


Body scrubs are physical exfoliants that rub away dead skin cells. The feel of a “scrub” typically comes from a combination of sugar and/or salt. It can be suspended in an oil base or used by itself. While some scrubs contain coarse salt and sugar particles, higher-quality varieties are formulated with fine, premium particles that polish skin without being abrasive. Just don’t use it on your face, that skin is different and much more sensitive with more pores.


The Benefits Of A Body Scrub 


When you exfoliate your body regularly, you encourage natural cell renewal by removing dead cells. Your skin is better oxygenated, and renews itself better and faster, which makes it more radiant and luminous. Because exfoliation refines the top layer of your skin and exposes new skin, the top layer becomes more permeable. This means that over time products will penetrate better and deeper. This is how you can achieve silky smooth skin overtime for years to come. When used routinely, this can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! With Laki Naturals body scrubs, you don’t even need a moisturizer after using a scrub because of the oils! The scrub exfoliates the skin, allowing the oils to penetrate easier and moisturize the body.


Sea Salt Body Scrubs


Sea salt is a great exfoliant because of its naturally small size and the minerals that are found in sea salt. Laki Naturals uses Hawaiian sea salt for their body scrubs. This means they are packed with more nourishing minerals than the average sea salt. Check out their Plumeria Sea Salt Scrub. This is a revitalizing Hawaiian sea salt body scrub made to be hydrating along with a restoring blend of rich oils. This is a good general body scrub. 


If you're interested in something more detoxifying, try the Mango And Coconut Sea Salt Scrub by Laki Naturals. This body scrub is made with Ala’ea volcanic clay, which is known around the islands as a sacred, powerful, and healing ancient remedy. The clay absorbs into the skin to eliminate toxins, therefore detoxifying your skin during your shower!

 sugar scrub

Sugar Scrubs


Sugar is granular and has a softer texture than salt. It also melts quicker than sea salt, so the exfoliation is gentle and quick. Sugar scrubs are ideal for people with sensitive skin or who are new to exfoliation scrubs and want to try something out without knowing their skin type. If this is you, or you want a scrub with a relaxing scent, check out Laki Naturals Lavender Sugar Scrub. Made with Lavender oils, Avocado oil, and pieces of actual Lavender buds, this is by far one of the best sugar scrubs on the market.

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