The Benefits of a Sea Salt Gargle

In this article, we discuss what saltwater gargles are and what conditions they can help treat and prevent. Learn how this simple, natural solution works to keep your smile healthy! 

Top 5 Tips to a Fast, Post-Workout Recovery

After putting your body through so much strain and stress during a good workout, it’s critical to give your muscles proper rest and recovery time. From ice baths to foam rolling, everyone has their own unique method. Here is how we recommend you recover post-workout!

Laki Unearthed: Diving Into Our Natural Ingredients

Laki Naturals – our name says it all! We at Laki are committed to bringing pure, simple, and natural goodness straight to your bathtub. Curious about the magic behind the flakes? Let’s dive into the clean ingredients that make our magnesium bath soaks so amazing.

How to Turn Your Bathtub into a Sanctuary

It’s no coincidence that since the beginning of civilization, people have incorporated bathing customs into their cultural practices. From the Greek and Roman baths to Japanese springs, we humans are drawn to water for physical, mental, and spiritual cleansing. So, why not bring some ancient bathing magic into your 21st-century quarantine-pad? Here are some tips on how to create a mental and spiritual sanctuary in the midst of a pandemic.

A Thank You To All Moms

It's Mother’s Day, one of our favorite holidays here at Laki! Inspired by her mother and their cherished family trips to Hawaii, our founder Tiffany Lerman brought the spirit of “aloha” to life with Laki Naturals. It is no accident that Laki bath soaks are infused with detoxifying Hawaiian sea salt. With Laki Naturals, bathing can be an essential part of every beauty regime, helping women to achieve a peaceful, empowered state of mind and be their best selves.

The Difference Between Epsom Salt and Magnesium Chloride

If you’ve read our post about the health benefits of baths, you’re up to speed on what a good soak in the tub has to offer! Let’s take this convo a step further and talk about magnesium, its health benefits, and why an Epsom salt bath may not be doing the trick…

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Quarantine

Kitchen barstool happy hours. Virtual dance parties. Our celebrations may look a little different lately, but the happy, heartfelt feeling behind them? That will never change. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we at Laki have been reflecting on our gratitude for the mothers and maternal figures who have shaped our lives. This Mother’s Day, let’s do our best to make mom feel relaxed and loved. Whether you’re together or apart, here are some ideas...

The Top 6 Hidden Health Benefits of Baths

At Laki, we love a good bath – the steam, the silence, the solitude. It’s soothing and lets us take a break from life’s troubles. What you might not know is that the positive effects of a bath go far deeper than simply providing a relaxing experience. Taking regular baths provides real, long-term benefits to one’s physical and mental health. Here are the top reasons we love a good bath...

At-home Self Care: Nourishing Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Usually, in moments of crisis, we rally and gather in support of each other, but this moment uniquely requires us to stay apart. We hope you’re finding ways to relax and stay present amidst the uncertainty. In the spirit of solitary self-care, we’ve compiled a varied list of meaningful ways to take care of yourself at home.

Dry Skin? Learn to Make Your Own All-Natural Lotion at Home!

According to the CDC, 80% of germs are spread by our hands, but washing ours over and over again and constantly using sanitizer has left them dry and cracked. Go natural, and learn to make your very own lotion at home!

Books, Brunch & Baths: The Ultimate Self Care Sunday

While you may be tempted to throw a bath bomb or something horrible like that in, which will inevitably permanently cover you and your tub in glitter, I've a far better suggestion. Pour in some Laki Naturals bath soaks. This blend of Hawaiian sea salts and magnesium crystal flakes come in a range of scents and have a long list of benefits. They decrease stress and anxiety, relieve achy muscles and joints, promote healthy sleep, improve skin hydration and decrease inflammation. And really, who doesn't need all of that? In conclusion, big fan.

The Best Fashion and Beauty Finds PEOPLE Editors Can't Stop Talking About

Katie Intner, Style & Beauty Intern at PEOPLE expresses, "With awards season in full swing, I rely on these rose bath salts from Laki Naturals in times of vital relaxation. Not only do these pink crystals look chic in my tub, but they are filled with magnesium, which reduces stress and helps promote sleep. Bonus: the floral aroma will make your bathroom smell heavenly while soothing and reviving your skin."

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